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Cotton Candy Vending Machine Historical Update Records

Version numberDateUpdate content
1138 20240605012024.6.5Added the FANTASTIC logo for UK Nii customers (fc9735);
added the Dutch currency symbol (ƒ).
1137 20240604012024.6.4Modify the Philippine QR code payment icon;
Modify the error message when there is
no NAYAX card reader to make coins;
Modify the amount when uploading coin and
banknote records to the NAYAX backend is incorrect.
1136 20240531012024.5.31Ukrainian language modification;
Added Philippine QR code payment;
Coin and banknote records uploaded to NAYAX backend.
1134 20240523012024.5.23Added the currency symbol of Ukraine, UAH;
The currency symbol of Uzbekistan, UZS;
The currency symbol of Chile, CLP;
The currency symbol of Indonesia, IDR;
The currency symbol of Iran, IRR;
The currency symbol of Iraq, IQD;
The currency symbol of Armenia, AMD;
The currency symbol of Albania, LEC.
1134 20240522012024.5.22Change the FACTORY logo (fy8375).
1133 20240518012024.5.18Added FACTORY logo (fy8375).
1132 20240430012024.4.30Added Mongolian QR code payment function.
1131 20240423012024.4.23Added Persian language;
added Dutch language;
added Mexican logo;
added Luxembourg DREAM BUBBLE logo (dm9398);
added new logo.
1130 20240329012024.3.29Failed to save modified plc parameters.
1129 20240329012024.3.29Added light strip control
(PLC needs to be updated to use light strip control);
added connection with Hungarian Tax Bureau AFE;
added external OP command agreement.
1128 20240326012024.3.26Added steam temperature parameters;
added temperature and humidity AI parameters;
added standby coin clearing function;
increased coin refund waiting time to 30s.
1127 20240313012024.3.13Upload the pickup code to pick up the order.
1126 20240229012024.2.29Change the coin icon; update NAYAX2023SDK.
1125 20240228012024.2.28Modified Turkish translation.
1124 20240221012024.2.21Added Mexican bruno logo (br8736);
Spanish, Korean, and German translation modifications;
Added Korean KSCAT-A card reader (serial port 10),
Added account input box in the background;
Fixed the order upload abnormality
of South Korea’s KSCAT-A card reader.
1123 20240203012024.2.3Modify coin inventory management so
that coins do not enter the coin ejection
motor to count coin inventory.
1122 20240125012024.1.25Added coin inventory management,
coin return motor inventory management,
coin inventory shortage warning.
1121 20240119012024.1.19Modify the remote lock screen function of the mobile phone background.
1120 20240113012024.1.18Added remote lock screen function in the background of mobile phone.
1119 20240113012024.1.13Corrected Korean translation; added logo.
1118 20231228012023.12.28Corrected Korean translation; added serial port 9, serial port printing receipt machine.
1117 20231218012023.12.18German translation corrected Mit Kreditkarte
bezahlen corrected (Kartenzahlung),
Anzahl der hinterlegten Münzen
corrected (Deine Zahlungen in €);

the amount on the purchase page is
displayed with two decimal places,
and the decimal point is replaced with a comma.
1116 20231211012023.12.11Modified Albanian language Shqiptar text, modified (Shqip).
1115 20231206012023.12.6Added Albanian currency symbol (Lek);
added balance display in the payment interface.
1114 20231201012023.12.1Added Indonesian JUMP START logo (js8645);
added AUTOVEND logo (au9675);
added TODAYS logo (to9258).
1113 20231129012023.11.29Added Albanian language;
Italian FILANDIA logo (fi67296);
added bilingual switching;
Thai online payment (Pay Solutions).
1112 20231120012023.11.20Added American FAIRY logo (fa8657).
1111 20231116012023.11.16Added logo.
1110 20231110012023.11.10The power on and off timing function adds a confirmation
pop-up window when deleting a scheduled task.
1109 20231108012023.11.8Added Taiwan small ticket machine printing function.
1108 20231103012023.11.3Fixed the issue where there was no statistics in the background
of the machine after swiping a credit card to purchase.
1107 20231101012023.11.1Added Georgian and Armenian currency symbols,
and changed the debugging test and parameter
setting interface prompts to pop-up windows.
1106 20231031012023.10.31Modified Czech language “Pay now” translation
(Dokončit objednávku).
1105 20231025012023.10.25Add a switch to return to the main interface in the background.
1104 20231023012023.10.23Fixed the issue where the Korean im20 card swiper repeatedly
sent initialization commands after canceling the card swiping;
Added device number display in the machine background;

Play the video and click to purchase the picture to add the switch display;
New prompts for debugging mode and parameter settings;
Added “/debit card” to the text content of the card payment method;
Added interface layout;

Added French card swipe serial port
(select pax30 for payment method and serial port 8 for serial port);
Added that the machine will automatically return to the
user interface if there is no operation for 2 minutes.

For example, if the loader enters the background and
there is no action for 2 minutes after editing,
it will automatically return to the front desk;

Fixed shopping cart amount display error.
1103 20231009012023.10.9When modifying the video playback,
click the purchase image to move to the lower right corner;

The scheduled power-off function adds
an instruction re-issuance mechanism;

Fixed the problem of remotely adding the power-on and
power-off time in the background of the mobile phone,
which may trigger the continuous execution of
power-off and power-on commands at 0:00 am,
and the machine will power off and power on once;

Repair the actual payment of credit card orders to 0 yuan;
Fixed the command error in remotely
modifying humidity compensation parameters;
Fixed the command length issue in the debugging interface;

Repair parameter debugging, instructions and
data for the Y position of the ejector rod,
the Z axis of the ejector rod,
the Y axis position of the material spreader,
and the Z axis position of the material spreader.
1102 20230926012023.9.26Modify material management data and save it.
1101 20230919012023.9.19Added octopus logo (zy8673).
1100 20230913012023.9.13Modify mobile phone to remotely control automatic door and manual door switches.
1099 20230912012023.9.12Disable devices remotely.
1098 20230831012023.8.31Added sugar bowl management;
added 27 flower patterns
(adapted to machines with seven sugar bowls);
added landlogo (la9276).
1097 20230824012023.8.24Replace the French BPF logo (bf9652);
add the Lebanese qwelogo (qw5725); add Beelogo (be2825).
1097 20230808012023.8.8Replaced with a new UI interface;
repaired the abnormality of reverse scanning and repeated scanning;

repaired the ability to purchase after shutdown in diy mode;
repaired the inability to obtain sugar data in
the background of the mobile phone.
1096 20230814012023.8.14Added MDB Octopus;
repaired the abnormality of obtaining
material management data in
the background of the mobile phone.
1096 20230707012023.7.7Fix the app’s own player to play video stuck;
delete the Android system player
(by default, the app itself is used to play).
1095 20230628012023.6.28Fix Lua version saving exception after app update is successful.
1094 20230719012023.7.19Fix the language confusion of the timer switch;
fix the loss of translation of the pickup code;
add SAR Saudi currency.
1093 20230715012023.7.15Fix the exception of the purchase page when
switching resources in Norwegian language;
add Lithuanian language.
1092 20230712012023.7.12Adjust the font and interface of the app;
optimize the code structure to reduce the
size of the installation package;

optimize the probability and capture
of flashback exceptions;
use the intelligent language
to import the framework;

select and modify the banknote machine type in
other settings
(modify the MDB type to ITL);

solve the app update failure
Automatically save the version number;
adjust the product frame of the
cotton candy purchase interface;

fix the Lua version save abnormality
after the app is updated successfully;
update the NAYAX toolkit;

add Italian;
(By default, the app itself is used to play);
Czech translation modified

“Coin and BillPay”, “BillPay”, “Platba mincemi”, “Čtečka karet NayaxQR”,
modified “Mince a bankovky”, “Bankovky”, “Mince”, ” KartouQR”;

Add Korean EasyCard KICC card reader payment.
1091 20230626012023.6.26The product frame adjustment of the marshmallow purchase interface.
1090 20230625012023.6.25Adjust the font and interface of the app;
optimize the code structure to reduce the
size of the installation package;

optimize the probability and
capture of flashback exceptions;
use the intelligent language
to import the framework;

select and modify the banknote
machine type in other settings
(modify the MDB type to ITL);

solve the app update failure The version number is
automatically saved afterwards.
1090 20230530012023.5.18Added mushroom flower-shaped marshmallows
(to make mushroom flower-shaped marshmallows,
you need to upgrade the PLC program and
re-enter the 36 lanes of the machine).
1090 20230510052023.5.10The currency symbol of Moldova is MDL;
the shutdown prompt pop-up window of
remote shutdown adds a close button.
1090 20230504012023.5.4Adjust the device number display on the purchase page.
1090 20230426012023.4.26Add the shopping cart switch
(the shopping cart switch is turned on in the background
system settings → other settings,turn it on and save);

add the currency symbol of Swiss franc (CHF);
add the currency symbol of Colombia (COP);

modify the timing switch page,
in the date Select the pop-up window
to add a confirmation button;
add Huahua Marshmallow logo.
1089 20230424012023.4.24Modify the default price setting page when
entering the background as a replenishment staff to
enter the background as a replenishment staff and
default to the alarm prompt page;

increase the opening and closing of flower patterns in
the background of the mobile phone;
remove the marshmallow flavor display.
1089 20230420012023.4.20Modify the timing switch page (button, text).
1088 20230419012023.4.19When repairing the remote operation to
make sugar, the sugar is not executed.
1087 20230510032023.5.10The shopping cart purchase order
is added in the background;
the shutdown prompt pop-up window of
remote shutdown adds a close button.
1087 20230418012023.4.18Add ama logo.
1087 20230417012023.4.17Added a switch for making sugar for free in the background
(the switch for making sugar for free is enabled in
the background system settings → other settings, opened and saved);

modified the RMB symbol display.
1087 20230414012023.4.14Added Bulgarian currency symbol (BGN).
1086 20230413012023.4.13Added currency symbol for Kazakhstan (KZ).
1085 20230412012023.4.12Modify the timer switch function
(you can set it to start running at 9-18 o’clock on
weekdays every week without power failure,
or specify a certain time period on a certain day to run).
1084 20230410012023.4.10Add shopping cart function
(up to three marshmallows can be
added to the shopping cart at a time).
1083 20230407032023.4.7Increase the logo of the United States.
1083 20230329012023.3.29Add Finland logo.
1083 20230328012023.3.28Add Peruvian currency symbol.
Add Hungarian and Thai.
1083 20230317012023.3.17Add Azerbaijan currency symbol.
1083 20230316012023.3.16Added Canadian dollar symbol (CDA).
Added 20 seconds to NAYAX QR
payment time (now 60 seconds).
1083 20230307012023.3.7Add marshmallow DIY function
(DIY function is turned on in the background
system settings → other settings, turn on and save).

Add the logo that French customers request to replace.
1082 20230225012023.2.25Repair the record of orders without swiping
cards in the background of the server.
1082 20230224032023.2.24Hebrew fixes. Added Bulgarian.
1082 20230222012023.2.22Fix NAYAX not making sugar after
swiping the card successfully.
NAYAX and NAYAX QR payment options
are changed to single selection.

Fix remote update will be stuck.
After exiting, the update cannot be successful.
Add Czech currency.
1081 20230210032023.2.10When the paper stick inventory warning is 0,
no notification will be pushed.
The PLC shutdown message is changed from
the original push twice to once.

Add the time parameter for judging
the heating abnormality.
Add offline order re-upload to the server when the
network is disconnected.
1080 20230107012023.1.7Added Vietnamese and added a logo.
Fixed the incomplete display of contacts and
phone numbers in different languages.
1080 20230103012023.1.3Add Doraemon background music and
choose whether to play in the background.
Add currency symbol Rp.
1079 20221228012022.12.28Android saves PLC data and Android copies data to PLC.
1078 20221215012022.12.15Increase the material detection function
(real-time detection of sugar, paper sticks, etc.)
1077 20221120012022.11.20Added NAYAX QR payment.
New data statistics in system settings.
1076 20221012012022.10.12Added picture management in system settings.
1075 20220928012022.9.28Added video management in system settings.
Added video playback when making marshmallows.
1074 20220820012022.8.20Added Japanese, Korean, Serbian, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian.
1073 20220817012022.8.17Added Arabic, Swedish, German.
Added NAYAX credit card payment.
1072 20220729012022.7.29Added Spanish, Romanian, French, Portuguese, Slovak.
1071 20220608012022.6.8Added an alarm prompt in the system settings.
1070 20220512012022.5.12Added English.
Added language settings in system settings.
1069 20220420012022.4.20Added display patterns in system settings.
1068 20220415012022.4.15Added material management in system settings.
1067 20220310012022.3.10Added debug settings to system settings.
1066 20220208012022.2.8Added banknote payment.
1065 20220109012022.1.9Added coin payment.
Added payment method selection in system settings.
1064 20211220012021.12.20Added humidity adjustment in parameter adjustment.
1063 20211115012021.11.15Added advanced parameters for parameter adjustment.
1062 20211020012021.10.20Added parameter adjustments.
1061 20210928012021.9.28Added price settings in system settings.
1060 20210920012021.9.20Added scan code payment.
Added product purchase.
Added system settings.

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