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Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as it explains how we collect and use your personal information in connection with products, services, events and websites that link to this Policy. It also describes the choices you have regarding the collection and use of your personal information.

We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice. If we do, we will update the date. Therefore, please be sure to review this Privacy Policy periodically to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

Your personal information will be transferred to and stored in the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom. The Internet is a global environment. Using the Internet to collect and process personal data involves the international transfer of data. The data we collect from you is stored in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) as provided for in the European Privacy Policy.

Cookies: A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer by your web browser when you visit a website. Cookies are used to save specific information and are only used to store data. They are not used to perform any harmful actions, such as starting a process or infecting your computer.

Like many other websites, our website uses cookies to store and retrieve information on your browser. This information is used to ensure the proper functioning of the website. The information does not identify you personally but can be used to provide you with a personalized web experience.

What cookies do we use?
Once you visit our website, some essential cookies are stored. There are other non-essential cookies, including first-party cookies from Google Analytics and third-party cookies from other websites. Before placing these non-essential cookies on your computer or device, we will display a cookie compliance statement to ask for your consent to set these cookies. Your consent will help us provide you with the best experience and service.

Non-essential cookies
First-party cookies identify unique users across separate sessions (visits). Some third-party websites also use cookies on our behalf, such as social networking sites. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies and saves anonymous statistics, which we use to improve our website experience. If you agree to our use of these cookies, the Google basic consent model will be implemented.

Deleting cookies
Cookies do not last forever and your web browser will eventually delete them. When a website stores a cookie, it specifies how long the cookie should remain on your computer – this can be only for the current visit, or for a period of time, such as a week. Our main cookie Session_ID only remains on your computer while you are on our website. It is automatically deleted when you leave our website.

Personal Data We Collect
Our Website:
When you visit our website, we will use cookies to collect website usage information, such as the type and version of browser and operating system you are using. We will not use cookies to store personal details, such as your name and address.

How secure is your personal data?
We have implemented and will continue to use a variety of technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

Why do we process and store your personal data?
In some cases, we process your personal data with your explicit consent.

Sometimes we have to collect and store your personal data to perform our contractual obligations with you. For example, we need to maintain a copy of your email address.

Law Enforcement
We share your personal data when we believe it is necessary to do so: to comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal process (including from law enforcement or other government agencies); to protect us, our business, or our users or third parties, such as to enforce our Terms of Service, prevent spam or other unwanted communications, investigate or protect against fraud, or to maintain the security of our website, products and services.

To request details of the personal data we may hold about you, please email:

When contacting us, please include your name and email address. We would appreciate it if you could also provide a brief description of the information requested, as this will help us to accurately respond to your request.

For the protection of all our customers, we will take all reasonable steps to confirm your identity before providing you with details of any personal data we may hold about you.


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