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A Full-Automatic
Cotton Candy Vending Machine!

High Revenue, Easy Operate, Remote Control​


32 different patterns
Takes only 70 seconds



Coin Cash Card applepay
Safe and clean


You can easily check the device status, modify settings and see the revenue through your mobilephone.
Before the device is running out of sugar and paper sticks, it will also send you a message.

54 Different Pattern for choose

Multiple usage scenarios

Pedestrian Street


Shopping Mall

Service Area

Theme Park

Cinema entrance

Suitable for a variety of scenarios, you can start to make money with even one device

worrY-Free after-sale



We have our own copyright, our product meet Europe standard and consumable material supplier are FDA approved.
No worry about operating in your country, we had already been testified by the market!


Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Consumers select a specific pattern of the candy;
  2. Pay through the payment system they preferred;
  3. The machine starts production;
  4. After 90~110 seconds, take the candy out and enjoy!


  1. Coin +40$
  2. Cash +350$
  3. Credit card and Apple Pay +500$
  4. Adapt to your existing payment system +0$ 
  1. Sugar: 1.2~1.7 mm diameter, dry and without powder;4 flavors and colors, White(Milk)/Yellow(Orange)/Red(Strawberry), Blue(Hami Melon) 
  2. Stick: size 300 mm length*10 mm diameter
  3. Water: Ordinary drinking water

It depends on your sales performance. The more you sell, the faster you run out of material, and the more often for you to refresh the machine.

  1. The machine can be loaded with 8KG sugar and 260 pcs of paper sticks.
  2. A full-loaded machine can produce 260 cotton candy. 
  3. Normally we suggest 3~4 days of refilling once, you can check through our cloud system with your PC or phone to see the material status.

Yes sure, we can customize the machine stickers, logos, lightboxes, and language for you without extra cost. (production time may be 1~3 days longer)

  1. Normally production time is 10-15days.(customize will be 1~3days extra)
  2. Shipping is around 45days.
  3. You can expect to get the machine within two months.
  1. Net Weight: 320KG
  2. Gross Weight: 400KG
  3. CBM: 2.3CBM(1530*810*1850mm)
  4. HS Code: 8476810000
  5. Port of Shipping: Guangzhou or Shenzhen
  1. Normally our clients buy 2~3 machines to put in malls or other spots;
  2. And after you have a stable income and get familiar with the operation process, we can start bulk orders.
  3. For a 20GP or 40GP container load order volume we offer a distributor discount and help you expand the scale of the business.
  1. Not really, you can use your local supply chain to find consumables that fit the requirements above.
  2. We will suggest using ours at the beginning, we have a free starter package for you to start operating first and give you time to find local ones.
  1. The machine maintenance is refilling sugar, paper sticks, and water; Empty the wastewater tank, Clean the heating burner and window glass.
  2. The maintenance is to keep the machine clean and improve consumer interest. (we suggest maintenance at the same time you fill consumables)
  3. we also have a maintenance video to guide you through! the total maintenance time is less than 15 minutes.
  1. Our warranty for the machine is one year. Tech support is life time.
  2. All components we use are well-known imported brands with the highest quality, don’t need to worry about operating.
  3. We send exchange parts directly, saving time for you and you can keep stable operating! (you don’t need to send back the part before sending a new one)
  4. We also give extra spare parts and consumables free to you to make sure you can operate stably. 

Our Starter Package includes: (Sugar 8KG, sticks 4000pcs, 1 extra heating burner, tool kits with spare parts)

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