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Wider Matrix (GZ) Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of industry experience in the Panyu Amusement Equipment Industry and product R&D.
We have been developing automatic vending machines since the year 2016, and we made the first full-auto cotton candy machine in 2019. Due to the impact of Covid 19, we decided to reduce the scale of production, and mainly into making OEM orders.

We also started to operate our machine in the domestic market, so as to test and upgrade both software and hardware. We have been optimizing our product for years, fixing problems that may come to you when operating, and finally, we think it’s stable enough to go oversea now in 2022.
At present, our machine has supported remote viewing and control, realizing the function of unattended.
It has the advantages of simple operation and convenient maintenance, and it can bring considerable profits once it is put into various places.
We are now looking for distributors in different markets.

If you are interested in cooperating, we can start with a trial order for 1~3 machines, I am sure you will be happy about the result and come back to us for more to expand the business.

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